We are AstraBit. Our mission is to make crypto trading simple, secure & flexible for everyone. At AstraBit, we aim to make digital asset trading simple and secure. We've created a user-friendly and innovative platform that allows you to trade on multiple exchanges worldwide, either manually or automatically, all from one easy-to-use dashboard. We believe in making crypto investment hassle-free. Set it. Forget it. AstraBit.
Nicholas Bentivoglio
Co-Founder & CEO
Lindsey Barrus
Co-Founder & COO
Wesley Rollings
Co-Founder & Head of R&D
Georgi Peshev
CTO & Chief Product Officer
Dimitar Tabakov
Chief of DevSecOps & Front End Development
Viktor Velkov
Chief of Backend Development
Petko Ichev
Front End Developer
Valeriy Babiy
DeFi Project Manager & Architect
Vasyl Dorozhynksyi
Senior Blockchain Developer
Alina Mozol
Senior QA & Automation Engineer
Delyan Damyanov
Front End Developer
Joshua Phillips
Senior A.I. Solutions Engineer
Eric Bevan, Fox Rothschild, LLP
Legal Counsel
Gabriel Parker
Chief Compliance Officer
Michael Mabeza
Head of Web3 Business Development
Robert Brown
Chief of Retail Sales & Operations
Camron Paulding
Head of Retail Marketing & Sales
Misty Templeton
Institutional & Private Client Management
Company Roadmap
  • 2021 AstraBit Nexus Release
  • 2021 Dashboard personalization
  • 2021 Addition of OKX, KuCoin, BitGet
  • 2022 DCA Bots
  • 2022 USDC Trading Pairs
  • 2022 DeFi Staking Integration
  • 2022 ML Optimized Strategies
  • 2023 DEX integration with ApeX and DyDx
  • 2023 Trade The Range

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