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Why AstraBlox Earn Strategies
Portfolio Diversification
Diversify your digital asset portfolio with AstraBlox. We seamlessly integrate automated staking and trading strategies tailored to your preferences for a comprehensive crypto portfolio solution.
Enhance Your Trading Strategies
AstraBlox automated staking enhances your digital asset portfolio by complementing existing trading strategies with consistent yield-bearing opportunities.
Hands Off and Hassle Free
AstraBlox's staking strategies seamlessly auto-compound and harvest through vetted DeFi Apps and Protocols. Just connect your wallet and start earning.
How AstraBlox Works
Connect A Wallet
Connect A Wallet
Simply connect your crypto wallet to AstraBlox. All major wallets are supported.
Select Desired Strategy
Select Desired Strategy
Select your preferred staking strategies from the AstraBlox marketplace.
Deposit Funds To Strategy
Deposit Funds To Strategy
Deposit the funds to the relevant strategy to start staking. The relevant crypto assets for the strategy need to be selected.
Withdraw Funds
Withdraw Funds
Withdrawal all or a percentage of earnings from staking strategies when you are ready to take profit.
One Streamlined Interface
Portfolio & Performance
One glance, your AstraBit dashboard provides you with all the information you need including:
  • Your aggregate P&L for all your active bots
  • The P&L for each individual bot
  • Portfolio asset allocation & balance
Staking Strategies
Fully automated strategies for optimized passive income generation.
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Corellon 1
2.36% apy
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Ethereum Mainnet
13.16% apy
Integrated Chains & Protocols
AstraBlox connects to various DeFi blockchains, providing access to trusted staking pools and yield-generating DeFi applications. We are currently integrated with Ethereum, BSC, and Cronos, and are in the process of expanding to major networks including COSMOS, Polygon, Avax, Optimism, and Arbitrum, among others. Additional projects will be added regularly as our portfolio of available staking strategies grow.
Integrated Chains & Protocols
Coming Soon
Cosmos Cosmos
Polygon Polygon
Avax Avax
Optimism Optimism
Arbitrum Arbitrum
SushiSwap SushiSwap
Strategies Made By Experienced Professionals
AstraBit provides a marketplace where expert digital asset traders and algorithms are available. These tools assist beginners in improving their trading by using well-designed strategies to take advantage of market trends, reduce risk, and boost profits. All strategies are rigorously tested before being offered in the marketplace. Simply choose a strategy that suits your goals, set it up, and reap the benefits. Now you can benefit from professional digital assets traders' expertise, grow your investments, and increase your profitability.
Let's Explore A Partnership
We offer partnership solutions to strategists across the world.

An easy way to think about it is to think of your AstraBit bot like a game console. In the same way that your video game console connects to your TV and gives you control to play games, build characters, etc., your AstraBit bot connects to your preferred exchange. It gives you control to set up your preferred settings for risk management, leverage, order size, equity allocation, etc. Your bot then automatically executes trades based on your preferred settings.

You can connect and automate any trading strategy you want. Both individual traders and institutional investors use bots.

A trading strategy is a program designed and built by traders to analyze the market. The strategy then determines when to buy or sell based on its analysis. When you attach a strategy to your bot, the strategy sends a signal to your bot to enter or exit a trade. The bot automatically executes trades based on the signal and follows your predefined settings.

Think of your AstraBit bot like a game console; you can buy a game, but you need the console to play it. The strategy is like the game; your AstraBit bot is your console.

An exchange is a place for trading digital assets where you can buy, sell, and deposit crypto. The exchange helps these trades happen smoothly and ensures everyone follows the rules. Prices go up or down on the exchange based on demand and supply (people want to buy or sell).

It’s simple! Just choose an exchange and click on one of the links below. You will be taken to the exchange registration page, where you can set up an account with the exchange! AstraBit also has step-by-step instructions with screenshots and tutorial videos to help you here:

Centralized exchanges:
Decentralized Exchanges:

AstraBit connects to your exchange via an API that you set up. It’s simple! For each exchange, you can find step-by-step instructions with screenshots and videos here:

IMPORTANT: Some exchanges do not allow you to trade on them if you are a citizen/resident of certain countries/Geographical regions. Please check the exchange’s Terms of Service before you register.

At all times, your funds remain in your control in your wallet and on your exchange.

AstraBit provides you with the most advanced and simple-to-use automated trading bots. Your bots are hosted on our infrastructure and do all the work of automatically executing trades based on your preferred settings.

You cannot store any money or assets with AstraBit. You cannot use your Astrabit account to store funds. You cannot use AstraBit to deposit or withdraw funds from your exchange or wallet.

At NO TIME will AstraBit require you to deposit money into an “AstraBit Account,” nor will we require you to give AstraBit your login credentials to your wallet. Only you should be able to log into your exchange account or wallet. Never give your wallet credentials to anyone!

YES! You can find a lot of step-by-step help using AstraBit’s Wiki (

Once you are a member, you can contact AstraBIt support via email ( and get live one-on-one assistance by opening a support ticket in the FREE AstraBit Discord (

AstraBit has a free educational blog ( with insightful articles on risk management, stop losses, leverage, etc., that you may find helpful when making decisions

IMPORTANT: AstraBit does not recommend settings for bots. Some strategy developers MIGHT make very general and broad disclosures, but AstraBit cannot give you financial advice, nor can we recommend which exchange you should use. All decisions regarding risk management, profit-taking, leverage, whether or not you turn the bot on or off, etc., are up to you and your licensed professional financial advisor. You choose your own presets based on your risk tolerance and return expectations.

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Capital at risk.
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