World-class Portfolio Management & Automated Trading
Trading dashboard
Risk Management
You always control how much risk you take in your trades. Your bot follows your rules. You can change things like stop loss and take profits whenever you like, even while a trade is active.
High Security
AstraBit cannot withdraw or transfer your money from your wallet. AstraBit does not store your funds either. Astrabit uses extra security measures like 2FA, and enterprise-level AI security systems to detect intrusion, malicious software, etc., and to keep your account safe. Your security is our top priority.
24/7 Trading
AstraBit’s software works for you every minute of every day, 365 days a year allowing you to set it, forget it and go live your life.
Market Analysis
Your bot can follow any strategy or any Master trader you like. Your AstraBit Dashboard includes TradingView, so you can use their tools too.
Connect AstraBit Quickly & Simply
Connect To Your Favorite Exchange
AstraBit is not an exchange. We are an automated trading bot software. So you simply plug into your favorite exchange. AstraBit currently supports Apex, Hyperliquid, Binance, Bybit, Bitget, OKX, KuCoin, Bitfinex, Kraken, Vela, and BingX.
Securely Set Up AstraBit
AstraBit is simple and easy to use with a set up that is made for everyone. AstraBit cannot withdraw funds from your wallet nor can you deposit funds with AstraBit. Your money remains safely in your wallet on your preferred exchange at all times.
Let AstraBit Work For You.
AstraBit works for you 24/7, giving you the freedom to pursue your financial goals and enjoy your life on your terms.
Everything At A Glance
Portfolio & Performance
One glance, your AstraBit dashboard provides you with all the information you need including:
  • Your total available equity
  • Your aggregate P&L for all your active bots
  • The P&L for each individual bot
  • Portfolio asset allocation & balance
  • Easy one click trading and hedging
Trading Strategies
Fully automated trading strategies for passive income.
icon image
Bonsai Ethereum Strategy
$ 2.17 / day
$ 2.17 / day
icon image
$ 2.17 / day
icon image
Goblin Chop Bot (BTC)
$ 1.98 / day
icon image
Bonsai Solana Strategy
$ 2.17 / day
Control With One Click
Move your stop loss into profit with a simple drag and drop. Change take profit settings during a trade by dragging, dropping, or entering new values. No problem!
Trading adjustments
You don't need a VPN with AstraBit, and you only need to log into your exchange if you want to update your API or withdraw funds from your exchange wallet.
Real Time Data & Trading History
AstraBit gives you live updates on each of your trades and keeps your trade history totally private. You can track your investments in real-time without having to visit your exchange. All your trades and staking positions stored in one place, on your AstraBit dashboard.
Trading statistics
Safe & Secure
Security is our Number 1 priority. AstraBit uses enterprise-level, award-winning security systems as well as a machine learning intrusion detection system to secure your account at all times. Our AI security system monitors everything and can spot anything unusual. Plus, we don't hold your money or allow any withdrawals, so your wallet and account are safe from anyone using AstraBit to try and take your funds.

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Capital at risk.
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